The Knitting Fairies are here to help you

Knitting Fairy Schedule

Uldstedet in Copenhagen:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 2PM - 5PM
Thursday 3PM - 5.15PM
Saturday, even-numbered weeks 11AM - 2PM

Uldstedet in Lyngby:

Tuesday, Wednesday 3PM - 5.45PM
Monday, Thursday 2PM - 4.45PM

What can I use a Knitting Fairy for?

Knitting problems right now. For instance:

  • You are knitting a sock and you do not know how to turn the heel.
  • You would like to knit a lace shawl but you do not know how to knit the lace.
  • You do not understand the instructions of a knitting pattern.
  • You have learned to crochet a bit and now you want to try to crochet in the round.
  • You have the perfect knitting pattern, but you want to knit it in another size or with a different yarn

Ask the Fairies for help

If you are a beginner, you can just stop by the café corner in our shops and knit. Then the knitting fairy is there to help you cast on new stitches and save your project when you drop a stitch.


How to get help from a Knitting Fairy?

Check the Knitting Fairy schedule above and show up in our shop at the time when a Knitting Fairy is available. No sign up is required.

Go on a day where you are not busy - the best help might take some time.

If you have already had help from a Knitting Fairy on a project, please try to consult the same Fairy if you have further problems with the same project, as all advice are individual.

Remember to bring both the knitting pattern and your project.

Who are the Knitting Fairies?

All Knitting Fairies are experienced knitters who volunteer to sit in our shop at specific dates and help others.


Where can I find your Knitting Fairies?

In both our shops in the café area. Check the schedule above to see when a Fairy will be present.


Who can become a Knitting Fairy?

Everyone who are familiar with our shops and who are expericenced knitters and crocheters. It is important that you are patient and like to help and teach others.

Knitting courses at our shops

We offer small-class intensive knitting courses with professional teachers. Our in-house teacher is Vibeke Warthoe who is a knitting specialist. Vibeke also teaches knitting at the School of Art and Design.

The classes typically has 5 - 9 people "students". This leaves time for you to ask all of your questions as well as listen to the replies to the questions asked by others. In that way, we talk about many relevant knitting problems.

The courses cost 175 kr for 1 day/evening all included -or 350 kr for 2 evenings.

Courses are often only available in Danish.

Difference between Knitting Courses and help from a Knitting Fairy. 

On a knitting course you learn everything about a specific topic, and the information is planned along with exercises to teach you how to solve common knitting problems. A course of 1 - 2 evenings will teach you years of knitting experience and your knitting will be even and smooth from the very beginning.

Our Knitting Fairies are like the "Wise Woman of the Village" when it comes to knitting and crochet. Some Fairies have specific subjects that they specialise in.

If you show up with a problem, our Knitting Fairy can help you work out a solution, so you can move on on your project. But they will not be able to thoroughly teach you everything about the problem area. That takes planning and hours of teaching.  We might suggest a course to you, if we have an upcoming course that is relevant. This is, of course, completely voluntary and only in your best interest. 

The Fairies might also be able to help with specific techniques that we do not currently offer courses about.