Latvian Christmas stocking - green


In the Baltic country of Latvia, there is a long tradition of knitting brightly coloured patterns - especially on mittens and socks. 

For centuries, mittens have been the Latvian gift of choice. When a woman was to be married, she was expected to knit mittens for all members of her wedding party - and shame on the bride who did not make every pair completely unique!
This of course means that there now is a very extensive catalogue of patterns, and every pattern has its own meaning originating in Latvian myths and legends.

Latvian company HobbyWool has long assembled lovely mitten kits with traditional, Latvian patterns, but now they also make kits for Christmas stockings for the tree or the foreplace (if you're lucky). Here, the sock is knitted in green with a pattern of reindeer and Christmas trees.

The kit contains wool yarn for a Christmas stocking, a colour chart, and a pattern in English.

Needles: Doublepointed needles 1.5-2 mm
Gauge: 34 sts / 10 cm

100% wool

Hand wash, dry flat