Materials: 85% Baby Alpaca, 10% Merino wool, 5% Polyamid

Yardage: 100 g = 80 m.

Needle size:10-15 mm

Dante is the greatest, soft yarn, you can run through your hands. Dante is mostly made from baby alpaca mixed with a little bit of extra fine merino wool (wool creates volume).

Dante is best for accessories such as hats, scarves, collars etc.

For one hat you need 1 skein, for a scarf 3 - 5 skeins.

85% babyalpaca, 10% merinould, 5% polyamid.

Løbelængde: 100g, 80m

Pinde: 10-15, 6-8 m pr. 10 cm

 Vaskes i hånden, centrifugeres i vaskepose eller pudebetræk


  • Colour: 1310