Geo-Metry pill box


The little, round pill box from Danish company Geo-Metry is a beautiful and well-thought-out answer to the eternal problem of where to keep your small knitting notions; darning needles, stitch marker, measuring tape, etc. THe box is made of leather with a handy strap that can be used to hang the box outside the reach of children's hands, but it can also be wrapped around the box to make it more stackable. Inside the round, a small, removable velvet cushion is found, making the box suitable as a mini jewellery box, too.

100% leather
Suede lining, snap fastening
Colour: tan
Diameter: 8 cm
Height: 6 cm
Inside measurements: 5.5 x 6 cm

Information om levering

Tan - round box
Tan - round box
Black - round box
Black - round box