Gepard Kid Seta - Handdyed by Sus Gepard


Gepard Kid Seta - Handdyed by Sus Gepard - PRE-ORDER for delivery in march.


A while ago, I was dyed yarn in my studio and got an idea: I would try to make a Popknit color. She fell in love with it and immediately made a beautiful, oversize sweater. For her test-knitters, I wanted to create three new colors. It should be my interpretation of fashion, fit the beautiful oversize design Popknit made and be the colors should be able to tone into the wonderfully colorfull universe like Popknits and the contemporary fashion. The colors are unique and handdyed in small portions in my little color studio at my sister's. XXX Sus Gepard

The colors are called:

Popknit: Inspired by Popknit and her playful, festive and feminine universe.

Spicy Spring: Inspired by Louis Vuitton and Cloe's use of green colors, Marc Jacobs yellow - I have interpreted them in a spring version with a little more sour light green.

French Life: Blue is the new black and can be interpreted and matched, you can use the color of a sweater no matter if you are from the north or the south. Here, blue is interpreted with a hint of purple in it, a scent of lavender.

Champagne dreams: The inspiration is dessert and champagne, pure luxury and enjoyment with a little sweet kiss on top.


Kid Seta:

420m / 50g


Kid Seta is one of our most popular yarns, known for its exclusive quality and the market's largest color range.

Kid Seta is soft and delicious, the mohair puffs up lively and works excellently together with another thread or alone. 

Kid Seta is 30% silk and gives  shine and extra softness; Kid Seta is pure luxury.

Needles 3 - 5,5 mm / 11 - 6 UK / 2,5 - 8 US

Kid Seta gauge 22-30 sts on 4 inches - but can be knitted on bigger needles.

Kid Seta can be handwash with wool detergent.

Kid Seta 70% Super Kid Mohair 30% Silk 


Kid Seta from Gepard is a classic lace yarn, that we have had in production for more than 20 years 

For the customer, this means a yarn where the fibers stay in the yarn, and that the yarn stays full and soft during use

  • 70% Super Kid Mohair, the best quality of mohair fiber with long thin and glossy fibers
  • Classified Super Kid Mohair
  • 30% silk of the highest quality
  • Kid Seta is a super soft yarn that doesn't itch

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Popknit - PREORDER
Popknit - PREORDER
Champagne Dreams - PREORDER
Champagne Dreams - PREORDER
French Life - PREORDER
French Life - PREORDER
Spicy Spring - PREORDER
Spicy Spring - PREORDER