Ingunn Birkeland STRIKKER


Colorful and inspiring knitting book! The Norwegian designer Ingunn Birkeland is known for creating exclusive dresses for the red carpet, and her creations have been worn by both Norwegian cultural figures and members of the Norwegian royal house. Now she has interpreted her designs into a series of knitting patterns, so that you can now also wear Birkeland's designs.

In the book you will find 29 patterns for both children and adults, and there are patterns for both jackets, dresses, sweaters, hats and scarves. Exquisite details, time-absorbing techniques and an artistic expression characterize Birkeland's style - in combination with her very own color palette consisting of pastels and bright colours. All designs are knitted in yarn from Rauma Garn, and there are designs in both different types of wool and summery cotton varieties.

Birkeland makes it easy to play with different colours, patterns and shapes, and for all the patterns you can choose between several different color combinations. Her entire color universe is carefully composed and balances between dark and light, cold and warm tones. The difficulty level of the patterns varies, and there is something for every knitter regardless of taste, level and patience.


273 pages

language: Danish





Pinde: 2½-4. Vi anbefaler p. 3½-4 til lacestrik, da Cashmere Lace fylder meget efter vask. Hvis du i stedet vil strikke en tynd bluse, kan du bruge en p. 2½-3
Strikkefasthed: 25-32 m / 10 cm


Håndvask ved 25 grader eller luftning.

100% cashmere

Løbelængde: 25 g = 350 m.


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