Laine Magazine 8


For the eighth time, the women behind Laine Magazine are filling the pages with contemporary Nordic knitting, this time under the headline Kelo. Laine is an homage to the Nordic life style with hygge and a love for nature, an homage expressed in beautiful and minimalistic knitting. Laine Magazine 8 contains eleven patterns for this type of knitting, as well as a knitters' guide to Tampere, an interview with vintage designer Susan Crawford, a portrain of die dyer Ocean Rose and lots more.


Honeydew - Justyna Lorkowska - sweater
Georgie - Libby Jonson - sweater
Grace - Denise Bayron - sweater
Pasvik - Julie Dubreuxshawl
Heather - Ash Alberg - socks
Uoma - Leeni Hoimela - sweater
Flower Buds - Astrid Troland - top
Waterlily - Sus Gepard - cardigan
Cimes - Éveline Cantin-Bergeron - sweater
Rosebay  - Jenny Sauselein - 
Lakka - Marjorie Martin cardigan

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