Gepard Thit - slipstitch shawl


Thit is a small scarf-like shawl which is quick to knit and well-suited for yarn experiments. It is made using a simple slipstitch-pattern lending structure and blending colours beautifully. We've knitted it in My Fine Wool and Kid Seta (both Gepard yarns), but it would also turn out wonderfully using their Hør or Wild & Soft with the mohair. Another idea would be replacing the Kid Seta with Gepard's Cashmere Lace! When the shawl has the finished measurements, it is finished off with a simple i-cord edging.

The pattern is only sold along with the yarn. If you want to buy the pattern only, we reer you to Gepard Garn, where the pattern is available as a pdf-download.

Measurements: 40 x 170 cm

My Fine Wool: 100 g
Kid Seta: 50 g

Needles: Circular needles 4½ mm, 80 cm
Gauge: 24 m = 10 cm

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