Seeknit Koshitsu M4 Jumbo Set, 14 cm, 5 sizes


Koshitsu M4 Jumbo Set

M4 Jumbo Set includes needle sizes 5½ - 6 - 7- 8 and 10  plus wires of 60, 80 and 100 cm length. With the included fusing, you can combine wires for even greater lengths.

The needles are 14 cm long - the perfect length for a great grip. 

After going through Kinki Amibari’s unique high temperature and pressure treatment, Koshitsu needles are carefully polished with natural plant wax.
This special treatment gives the bamboo extra durability and helps prevent damage from outside environmental influences.
The surface treatment makes a comfortable and smooth movement of threads and warm touch.

All needles have a rotating joint between needle and wire.


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