Seeknit Shirotake - Circular needle set - 10 cm (4 needle sizes)


This Circular needle set contains the most common sizes of needles and is a perfect gift idea. The needle tips are 10cm - they are especially good for small knits such as baby clothes, necklines and hats. The set comes with 3 wires (20cm, 40cm and 60cm) and 2 stoppers, so you can let parts of your knitting rest and use your needle tips for other projects.


The set has extended delivery time - kindly confirm your accept by writing 'ok extended' when ordering.

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Cherry Blossom
  • Seeknit - Etui - farver: Cherry Blossom
  • Seeknit - Etui - farver: Red
Blue Stars
  • Seeknit - Etui - farver: Blue Stars
  • Seeknit - Etui - farver: Black